Terms of admission

There are no prerequisites regarding previous education, apart from a good working knowledge of the English language. The average number of participants is limited, in order to ensure a seminar-like study environment and individual supervision in all courses. Admission is based on a written application and an interview. To study in Switzerland you will need a residence permit. Please contact the Swiss Embassy in your home country to be fully aware of the requirements for your entry clearance. You will receive detailed information with your application forms.


Program Fees

Tuition fees for the full time programs are CHF 3000 per year or CHF 1000 for one term Studies. The tuition fees for artistic courses can be higher. Students need to ensure that they have the necessary funds to pay for their study fees.

In addition basic living expenses for the duration of the stay in Switzerland will be approximately CHF 1200 per month. These funds need to be guaranteed before the beginning of the studies.



The application consists of a CV detailing educational and professional development as well as personal interests, two passport sized photos, the completed registration form and an application letter. In the application letter please provide some information about what moved you to consider the study program of your choice and about the development of your connection with Anthroposophy.
The application process continues with a personal conversation between the prospective student and a member of staff responsible for the relevant study program.

Applicants for the ‘Anthroposophical Studies in English 2nd Year and Advanced Studies Program’ or the ‘Anthroposophie Studium mit eigenem Projekt’ in German also need to enclose a comprehensive description of their artistic or scientific study project (2 pages).
If you are applying for a program of the Anthroposophical Studies in English, please add a recommendation letter and a health certificate issued by your doctor.

Please also refer to the checklist which helps you through the application procedure and with further preparations for your studies.

Bitte beachten Sie die Checkliste, die Ihnen durch das Bewerbungsverfahren und bei den Vorbereitungen zum Studienantritt hilft.

Contact form
Application Checklist


General Conditions

The tuition fees are CHF 3’000 per year (the tuition fees for artistic courses can be higher) to be paid in installments each semester / term. Costs of study trips and excursions are not included. For the individual study projects and some Study Focuses in the Anthroposophical Studies in German, additional charges may apply, depending on the requirements of the study subject. These are set out in a separate agreement.

Students need to ensure before the beginning of their studies that they have sufficient funding to pay for their study fees as well as for the living expenses (at least CHF 1’200 per month) for the duration of their stay in Switzerland.

Admission is based on a study agreement between the stud- ent and the School of Spiritual Science. Students will receive a confirmation of study in which the School confirms their official status as full-time students.

Following the conclusion of the study agreement, students are charged an admission fee of 50,- CHF as well as a deposit of 100,- CHF towards the tuition fee. If a student decides not to attend the entire amount will be retained to cover the administrative expenses of the School.
Students are required to bring proof of a residence permit for Switzerland.

The study programs are not suitable for applicants who are addicted to alcohol, drugs or other mind-altering substances.
Prospective students must have a good command of spoken and written English (or German). The minimum age is 18.

There is a three-week probationary period at the beginning of the lecture period, both for the School and the Students.
Students will receive a student identification card which entitles them to the discounts and advantages of the ‘Student Pass’, including free or reduced entry to many Goetheanum events such as courses, lectures, concerts, theatre and eu- rythmy performances, conferences, colloquia and seminars. Books can be taken out at the Goetheanum library for free. Further discounts are obtainable at the Speisehaus am Goetheanum and several shops.


Entry into Switzerland

Switzerland is a federation of 26 Cantons. The Goetheanum in Dornach is situated in the Canton of Solothurn, close to the borders of the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft.

Students with Swiss Nationality must register with the authorities of their place of residence if they move to the area (see below, Registration in Switzerland).

Students with EU/EFTA nationality do not need an entry visa for Switzerland buy they have to register with the authorities in their place of residence in Switzerland before taking up the studies. The following documents have to be prepared and submitted (also see below) when they register:

  • residence permit application for non-employed persons

  • copy of valid passport

  • passport photos

  • rental agreement/confirmation of housing

  • proof of health insurance (compulsory in Switzerland) for your stay and which is valid in Switzerland (travel insurance is not valid)

  • proof of sufficient financial resources to pay for living and studies (support payments, statement of bank account or guarantee by a private person)

  • study confirmation from the Goetheanum, Study and Further Education (copy)

    Students who are not EU/EFTA or Swiss nationals need an entry visa and have to contact the nearest Swiss Embassy/Consulate in their country well in advance.
    According to the cantonal Migration Office, the students have to submit to the Swiss Embassy/Consulate in the Student’s country:

  • an entry application
    and the following documents

    • copy of valid passport

    • passport photos

    • rental agreement/confirmation of housing

    • proof of health insurance (compulsory in Switzerland) for
      your stay and which is valid in Switzerland (travel insurance
      is not sufficient)

    • proof of sufficient financial resources (support payments,
      statement of your personal bank account or guarantee by a person who lives in Switzerland) to cover the costs for your living and studies in Switzerland for at least the first six months

    • study program

    • study confirmation from the Goetheanum, Study and
      Further Education (copy)

    • motivation letter, also indicating previous education, why
      you decided to study in Switzerland, how these studies will be beneficial for your career and the name of your family/partner to be contacted in case of emergency.

    • signed paper confirming obligation to leave Switzerland after completion of studies/education (may be handwritten)

Students should make sure to keep two copies of the above documents for further use. (See below, Registration in Switzerland)

The Swiss Embassy will issue the Student’s entry visa once they receive the authorization from the Swiss Canton. This process takes at least 8 weeks.
For further information please contact Federal Office for Migration
P: +41 (0)31 325 11 11 | www.bfm.admin.ch


Registration in Switzerland

Students have to register with the local authorities in their place of residence within 8 days after their arrival in Switzerland. The regulations for this are different in each Canton.

When registering, non-EU/EFTA/Swiss nationals have to submit the same documents as to the Swiss Embassy before; except for the last two ones. EU/EFTA nationals: please see above for the documents needed.
At the end of your stay in Switzerland you are obliged to inform your municipality about your departure.

Detailed information is available from local municipalities.
Approximately 6 - 8 weeks after the registration the immigration authorities of the students’ Canton of residence will issue a residence permit valid for one year. The fee for this is normally between CHF 140.- and CHF 300.-.


Change of address

In the case of any change of address students need to notify the Office for Study and Further Education, the municipality and the local post office. If students change their address during their stay in Switzerland they also need to apply at the municipality for an official change of address in their residence permit (charges apply).
In some cases it is possible for Students to bring relatives (spouses/children) to live with them in Switzerland. Please inquire with Study & Further Education at the Goetheanum at an early stage.


Health insurance

Health insurance is compulsory under Swiss law. International students have one of the following options:

  • The obligatory insurance in Switzerland. We can assist you
    regarding insurance coverage.

  • If you have a health&accident insurance in your home country
    and the insurance covers your stay in Switzerland too, your insurance provider needs to sign the ‘Confirmation for the exemption from the health insurance obligation of students and trainees/interns’.

  • Holders of a European insurance card can apply at the authorities’ office of their Canton for an exemption from the obligatory insurance.


Working during your studies

Finding work is solely the students’ responsibility. For more information see www.bfm.admin.ch. In addition to their regular residence permit international students need a work permit before they can start working. The employer will apply for a work permit at the cantonal authorities. This process may take four to six weeks. International students are generally not permitted to work for more than 15 hours per week.
For students from non-EU/EFTA countries there is a waiting period of six months after arrival in Switzerland until they are allowed to take up paid work.
The time limit as well as the waiting period does not apply for
students with EU/EFTA nationality.


Social security insurance

The pension and surviving dependents’ insurance (AHV) and the invalid insurance (IV) are central elements of the compulsory Swiss social security insurance. All Students above the age of 20 who are residing in Switzerland are obliged to contribute a minimum annual amount of CHF 475.- to the social security insurance, unless at least the same amount is paid by an employer instead. After the end of their studies students need to clarify if they are entitled to any insurance benefits.
Federal Social Security Office
P: +41 (0)31 322 90 11 | www.ahv-iv.info


Driving licence

International students need to get the driving licence from their home country officially recognised as a Swiss licence within the period of one year. If you plan to bring your car, it also needs to be registered in Switzerland within one year after your arrival.


Parking at the Goetheanum

Students can obtain a monthly parking card for CHF 25.- at the Goetheanum reception.



Students are responsible for finding a suitable place to live.
The Goetheanum has two student houses offering affordable accommodation. If you would like to call one of these very popular rooms your home, please contact the student house manager Nanna Osmer as early as possible. She will be happy to give you more detailed information about room availability and rents.
Student Housing at the Goetheanum
Nanna Osmer | P: +41 (0)76 369 10 14 | Email: nanna@osmer.co

It is also possible to rent rooms in private houses around the Goetheanum and in the surrounding area. However, students need to organise this independently.