Rudolf Steiner – Nine Sketches for Painters

When the artist Henni Geck asked Rudolf Steiner how painters could be trained he respon- ded by creating nine small sketches. Some of the titles of these sketches are: ‹Sunrise›, ‹The Setting Moon›, ‹Blossoming, fruiting Trees›. For many decades the sketches have been copied and interpreted by a variety of artists. What could their significance be for a contemporary painter? Could they contain an undiscovered impetus for the development of painting? Our work will be focused on painting in the spirit of exploration, conversation and intensive observation of Steiners original sketches.

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With Hannes Weigert, Miriam Wahl and Aina Aasland. In cooperation with Jasminka Bogda- novic, Johannes Nilo, Madeleine Ronner, Philipp Tok, Alexander Schaumann, Marianne Schu- bert, Dino Wendtland and Stephane Zwahlen.


From September 26 to December 1 · 2017

It is also possible to participate in the workshop for single days or weeks

Languages German and English

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Costs (excluding materials): 1000 CHF (100 CHF/week)