Werkstatt Architecture and Landscape

18.03. - 29.03. 2019 9.30 - 12.45h (with open Studios in the afternoon)

Rudolf Steiner built the second Goetheanum and the smaller buildings (ancillary buildings) for quite different functions in the landscape in and around Dornach. Together they form a building composition, which is placed with manifold references into the large landscape area. The exploration of these "building sculptures in the landscape", the relationships, the conversation between periphery/landscape and centre/building is the theme of this workshop work.

We can walk, observe, discover the buildings in the landscape and move and try to transform them by drawing and sculpting.

- Finally, how does the view back into the interior of the building expand perception? Can new aspects show themselves in the light of the great context? 

Course Leader: Rudolf Kaesbach

Rudolf Kaesbach, studied architecture in Zurich and sculpture in Dornach. 

1977-1980 Works teacher in Marburg. 1980-81 Work with John Wilkes, England. 1981-2018 Head of sculptor and teacher training at Emerson College.

Research on the stone settings in Penmaenmaur/Wales and their relationship to Rudolf Steiner's buildings in Dornach.

Worldwide course activity in sculpture, educational sculpture and land art, especially in the Far East and South America.

Tuition Fees: CHF 400.-

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