Postgraduate Stage Course

Have you finished your Eurythmy Training and long to deepen your artistic work and perform on stage?

Become part of the Goetheanum as a postgraduate Student!

You will be part of the Mystery-Drama-Ensemble in Summer 2019, perform on the big stage at the Goetheanum and create small programs for special occasions. This gives you the chance to work artistically in bigger and smaller groups as well as on Solos and Duos. 

You can also be part of the ‹International Anthroposophical Studies› course in the mornings. This course provides an intensive study of Rudolf Steiner’s written works.

The Postgraduate Stage Course is a cooperation between the Goetheanum-Eurythmie-Ensemble and Eurythmeum CH.


Main teachers

Ingrid Everwijn, Gioia Falk, Frauke Grahl, Stefan Hasler, Tanja Masukowitz, Silke Sponheuer, Maren Stott, Eduardo Torres.


Course Dates

October 8th 2018 – August 4th 2019



after we have received your application:

April, June and September 2018



1. Trimester 1350.-

2. Trimester 1300.-

3. Trimester 1300.-


Edda Nehmiz


is your contact person

for information and applications for the study programs, enrolments, residence permits, financial matters and study trips. As "Dean of Students" she will help you with questions about living and studying at the Goetheanum.

Phone: +41 61 706 44 14
Fax: +41 61 706 44 17

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