People from all over the World

What brought you to the Anthroposophical Studies in English at the Goetheanum?

Gló: Initially, I was searching for a Folk High School but I hadn't had any luck finding the right school that suited for me; I felt there was always something missing. Then someone suggested that I check out the Goetheanum website and their study programs. It took only one reading of the course description for me to realise that I had found what I had been searching for; a holistic study program that connects arts, philosophy and spirituality together, along with broad range of interesting lectures all touching on the topic of what it is to be human living in the world today. Deciding if joining the course was the most practical decision for me was altogether another process, but I am glad I went with my intuition.

What surprised you or impacted you the most during the year?

Gló: Encountering like-minded people and connecting with them on a deep level is something to cherish one's whole life as well as having discussions with all kinds of people from all over the world to uncover common ideals. During the course, I was immersed into a life changing inner journey, a journey along with my group of fellow students and friends, all under the guiding hands of the amazing teachers I had the honour of knowing.

How has it impacted your life since you left?

Gló: The course left me with tools for me to work with in all areas of my life. It left me with an inner assurance and clarified my goals regarding the next steps in my life. It also opened up countless new questions for me to explore.
My ultimate goal in life is to work at having healthy relationships and the course gave me ample tools to work on this day to day.

What are you doing now and planning to do in the future?

Gló: I am currently working at a hotel in central London and enjoying life. In the near future, my plan is to study to become a Waldorf primary teacher alongside my job.