Students impact on the World Social Initiative Forum

A team of old and new students is currently working with the Social Sciences Section at the Goetheanum on the re-launch of the World Social Initiative Forum. Elizabeth Kuriakose (India, Promotion 2015), Andrea De La Cruz (Spain, Promotion 2016) and Juan Bottero (Argentina, Promotion 2017) are some of the people behind the WSIF, which aims to connect social initiatives, workers and activists around the world through international gatherings, conferences and a unique online platform that will offer training as well as a portfolio of projects doing good worldwide.

“It is a beautiful experience to continue working with fellow students on this project at the Goetheanum, especially since we are such an international group (we have four continents represented in the team!). We are very much looking forward to launching the forum’s new website and promoting our next events in Japan (Spring 2018) and the Goetheanum (Autumn 2018).” Andrea

The World Social Initiative Forum has been working since 2000 with world-wide initiatives that seek to create the right conditions for human beings to live a dignified life by developing educational, health, environmental, political and socio-economic initiatives directly inspired by individual communities around the world. To keep up with their work, you can visit to get in touch with the team.

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