Art is eternal, only its appearances change.
— Rudolf Steiner
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Art Workshop

The section for visual arts at the Goetheanum is starting a study course for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. The aim is to create a forum which deals practically and theoretically with Rudolf Steiner’s artistic work.

Those responsible for the individual fields are the sculptress Claudia Schlürmann, the painter Hannes Weigert and the architect and sculptor Rudolf Kaesbach. In three week sessions basic questions concerning human existence will be discussed, to encourage the unfolding of creative Impulses. Core questions will be raised as to how one could surmount the breach between inner and outer life, how one develops processual thinking, how perception and introspective spiritual activity augment each other.

By contemplating these questions Steiner’s artistic work would lead to a deeper understanding of our complex everyday reality.
The course has been designed for practicing artists, those who are interested in art and art stu-dents and would like to enable the possibility for individual study and research. The course is in close collaboration with the art collection and documentation at the Goetheanum.

SCULPTURE 15.01.18 – 02.02.18

PAINTING 05.02.18 – 23.02.18

ARCHITECTURE & LANDSCAPE 26.02.18 – 16.03.18




Claudia Schlürmann

born in 1957 in Iserlohn. She studied social pedagogy and Sculpture. For many years she was an art teacher in Überlingen and in Emerson College. Her doctoral thesis concentrated on the inter-connection between materials and social processes. She works and lives as a free-lance artist in the lake Constance region, Germany.


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experiment and investigation

 Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner

It is not the singular form that stands in focus of Rudolf Steiner’s sculptural work, but his models, which visualize the continuity of the first and second Goetheanum Buildings encouraging creativity. They enable us to enter into processual thinking and embark on creative work. They open up an imaginative space, allowing for experiment and investigation. Sculpting, working with clay, drawing, especially the use of a variety of methods and materials, pave the way for perception and dialogue and encourage research and discoveries.

 Student Work

Student Work




Hannes Weigert

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born in 1964 in Stuttgart. He studied and taught from 1985-1995 at the Goetheanum Painting School in Dornach. In 1995 he went to Norway. Work and projects: „Kore’s House“ together with Patrick Mülllerschön, 1996-2003; „The School of Nature“, 2003- 2010; „The Light of Gold“, 2009; „Øya“, 2012-13. Teacher at the Malerverksted since 2009. Brentano’s studio 2017.



inner activity

Tor Alexander Janicki

Rudolf Steiner’s „sketches for painters“ seen within the context of contemporary painting open up a new field for artistic research. The art collection at the Goetheanum allow us to study Steiner’s original sketches.


Rudolf Steiner

What could this mean for the student? What personal challenge does painting pose? How can the study of Rudolf Steiner’s contribution to painting lead to inner activity and then to discovering innovative possibilities by finding one’s way to express oneself through the medium of painting, color and space?




Rudolf Kaesbach

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born 1950 in Rio de Janeiro.
He studied architecture in Zurich and sculpture in
Dornach. 1980-81 he took over the Visual Arts Training course at Emerson College, teaching Sculpture and leading the Art-teacher training courses. His research into land- scape art has focussed on stone circles i.e. in Penmaenmawr, Wales and their relationship to Rudolf Steiner’s Buildings. He regularly gives courses on sculpture, pedagogical modeling and land-art, in many countries around the world.

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artistic investigation

Rudolf Steiner built the second Goetheanum and other buildings in Dornach. Each has a different function. Together they form a composition of buildings embedded in differentiated relationships to the surrounding landscape. This workshop focusses on the relationship between periphery and centre, between landscape and the Goetheanum buildings. We will wander through the country-side and use all our senses to discover these relationships. By drawing and modeling we will evoke the possibilities of artistic investigation.


Edda Nehmiz


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COSTS Drei-Wochenblock

CHF 400.- for each workshop, which lasts 3 weeks. Term: CH 1000.-

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